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Our Home Buying services will have you feeling right at home.
Searching for a new home is definitely not a casual affair. However, with Our 5 Step Buying Process our aim is to make the process as easy as 1 2 3... 4 5. Finding that perfect home is a bit art and a bit science. There are many factors at play in the process, not the least of which is the fact that no two homes are alike and that different market conditions require different strategies. Because of this, we follow a home buying procedure that helps to systematize the process so that all legal, financial and personal objectives and requirements are met. Remember also that as a homebuyer there are no costs borne by you in having us working on your behalf. We therefore welcome you to contact us and discuss your homebuying objectives with us so that we can begin the process of making your next move, the right move.
Clarifying and understanding our clients’ needs and wants is foundational to the services we provide. Sasso Home Marketing Group guides clients’ through a standardized questionnaire that’s designed to not only uncover our clients’ true objectives but to also help them with the seemingly impossible task of discerning between their needs and their wants. When you’re involved in buying and selling real estate you need to be prepared to at times make very important decisions very quickly and being able to discern between what you want and what you need is a big advantage when facing those decisions.

Conducting a proper Needs Assessment clarifies the end goal and identifies which issues along the way are the critical ones and which are of less importance. Our goal is to deliver on your needs while at the same time optimizing the likelihood of delivering on your greater wants.

The extent of online search tools available to homebuyers today has created the impression that searching for a home is as straightforward as entering a few search parameters and clicking a button. The reality however is that searching for a house that you plan to call home requires a more concerted effort. Unlike other purchases, real estate is unique because no two properties are alike. An online search provides you with the results of quantitative criteria like price, sq ft, number of beds… etc. More qualitative or subjective information such as the general condition of the home, whether the neighbourhood is family-oriented or how much road noise there is requires more in-depth investigation.

Our Targeting activities identify the properties that meet both your quantitative and qualitative criteria. Additionally because online searches aren’t up-to-the-minute or exhaustive of all properties that meet your criteria, our activities encompass discussions with other area realtors and even walking the neighbourhood to uncover those properties that fall outside conventional home search methods.

Once a targeted list of prospective homes has been determined, we compare, score and prioritize those homes against the criteria established from the Needs Assessment. In comparing and evaluating the targeted homes we employ a rating system that assigns a value of between 1 to 5 for a variety of characteristics such as Relative Listing Price, Price per Sq.Ft., Age, Proximity to Schools, Lot Size, General Condition and others.

With this rating analysis in hand, our clients’ have a clearer view of the strengths and weaknesses of each home from the perspective of their needs and wants. This in turn becomes a valuable asset when entering into negotiations on a prospective property.

Entering into the negotiations stage of the home buying process is in many respects where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Leading up to this stage we’ve determined our client’s needs and wants, indentified and shortlisted the prospective homes that meet the criteria and then analyzed and prioritized each prospective home based on the degree to which they meet our client’s requirements. Our client now knows not only which home(s) they want but how much they want it. More importantly from a negotiating standpoint, they know which attributes of each home are important to them, which ones are inconsequential and which ones are less than favourable.

With that information we prepare an offer that represents our client's requirements. Sometimes we may decide to present those requirements in a somewhat reverse order of importance. This way when we make the inevitable concessions 0n the inevitable counter-offer(s), we aren’t giving in on the issues most important to our clients.

Sasso Home Marketing Group prides itself on being strategic negotiators on behalf of our clients’ interests and we are very good at adapting our negotiation strategies based on the requirements of each situation. The best way to see evidence of that quite frankly is to call us and get us working for you. 
After the dust settles on all the house-hunting activities, negotiations and subject removals, it may seem that moving in is all that’s left to do – well, not quite. There are number of legal, financial and logistical activities that still need to be properly arranged in order to make the transition to your new home as stress-free and orderly as possible. Fortunately for our clients, our services don’t end when the deal making is done. Sasso Home Marketing Groups is committed to being there alongside our clients, right up to and beyond their possession date. That includes assisting them in understanding and concluding all the remaining issues;

  • BC Property Transfer Tax
  • HST and New Home related costs
  • Appraisal fee
  • Property Inspection
  • Title Insurance
  • Survey
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Life/Disability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Default Insurance
  • Legal Fees
  • Moving Costs
  • Rental Deposit Adjustments
For a more comprehensive list of issues that are either required or need to be considered prior to closing on your home purchase ask about our Closing Cost Worksheet.